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Witchcraft is a form of magic that evolved from a religion known as Wicca. Wicca is such a peaceful and a pure religion with various rituals, invocations and prayers like in any other religion.

Witchcraft love spells to find true love, remove relationship problems, bring back an ex, make someone fall in love with you, for passion, for lust, to cause a breakup, to induce commitment, stop a divorce or keep your partner faithful with powerful witchcraft spells for love

Healing spells of witchcraft to remove all failed spells cast before, cleanse your aura, protect you from curses and cast a spell of witchcraft to achieve your goals. 100% Lifetime Guarantee on all witchcraft spells. Whether you have had spells done in the past with no luck or tried casting yourself, we can help get you the exact results that you are looking for.

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Origins of witchcraft

The history of witchcraft began with the beginning of the world. In an age of limited scientific knowledge to become sick was almost a death sentence. The first witches where women who learned how to use herbs to heal disease and relieve pain.

These wise women where the beginning of modern medicine in the world and also functioned as midwives. Little was understood about healing and medicine in those ancient days, and as Christianity spread across Europe, many clergy from the church felt very upset by the existence of learned women who were healing others with medicine and other remedies.

The earliest records of the concept and practice of witchcraft can be traced to the early days of humankind when witchcraft was seen as magical a phenomenon that was invoked for magical rites which ensured good luck, protection against diseases, and other reasons.

The word Witch actually is derived from the word “Wicca” meaning “Wise One.” Certainly once considered wise and a knowledgeable resource during trying times, witches were now considered to be something to be absolutely feared and avoided.

However, it was not until 1000 AD that the practice of Witchcraft and witches invoked the wrath of priests, Christianity, and members of the society.

Witchcraft, seen as a religion of the ancient and traditional pagan religion which worships the feminine, earthly, and masculine aspects of God, was considered as anti-Christian and a heresy.

The belief in the existence of witches was strengthened particularly after Pope Innocent VIII issued a declaration in the 1498 confirming their existence in society, and inquisition increased, although in 1200, killing of witches had already become authorised by Pope Gregory IX.

Witchcraft History can be traced back to centuries. The word ‘Witchcraft’ has been derived from the word ‘Wicca’ which means ‘the wise one’.

Witchcraft has been seen as a magical phenomenon, a pagan worship or religion, sorcery, and others, at different periods in Witchcraft History. 

Witchcraft Spells
Witchcraft Spells
Witchcraft Spells